Rock Photo Slates

Our custom rock photo slates plaques are made from genuine sedentary rock slate. It quite a unique way to display your photographs/images from our designs. The natural edging makes each slab unique to your order, meaning no 2 orders will ever be alike! This plaque creates a special way for your to share and cherish your favourite photo for many, many years to come. Slates will fit into any room setting or outside. Our rock photo slates are proving to be a popular choice. Each order comes carefully packaged and will include two black plastic stands to display on any desk or mantle.

We provide 3 different sizes for slates. Small slate 15 x 20 cm, example fits only one photo. Medium slate 20 x 20 cm, example fits about 3 very small photos. Large slate 30 x 19 cm, Almost A4 format, example fits up to 4 small photos.

How to order? Choose your design and personalise it for your needs. If you wish to use different background, please add clear photo in attachment with your order. Use only best quality photos as it will provides best turnout on the slate. If you’ve added a customisation, you will receive a mock up of the item for your approval. Please keep in mind that once you have approved the design, changes cannot be made.

How long it takes? About 1 week. If you need your slate in less then week time, please contact with us before you order.

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